Creatively Commercial

Making the work space work for small businesses



Like a successful entrepreneur, the professional interior designer is a creative problem-solver. Leveraging technology, materials, lighting and innovative space planning, the designer can create a workplace that supports the work you do and the people who do it, while respecting the bottom line.

Owners of small to medium-sized businesses often incorrectly assume that professional interior design services are not affordable.  In fact, pleasing, well-planned space is a valuable business asset that is likely well within your reach.

7 ways design-oriented problem solving can support your business

  1. Planning routine updates to paint and carpet? Great selections cost less than bad ones. We help you choose wisely in ways that improve the appeal of your space.
  2. Considering a renovation? Don’t disrupt your business for an upgrade in appearance only. This is an opportunity to address the ways your space no longer works well for your business. Often we can recommend simple, inexpensive changes that will have a huge impact.
  3. Think you need more space? New technologies and office layouts may mean you actually don’t need more, just better.  Instead of buying additional square footage, invest in efficiency by working with us on creative space planning.
  4. Need to up your marketing game? Leverage your space as part of your brand. We can extend the look and feel of your website and printed materials to your office interior.
  5. Need to improve team collaboration? We look at the way your people work and offer concrete options to unblock bottlenecks, enhance workflow and build better communication.
  6. Having trouble attracting good talent? You may offer competitive salaries and benefits, but an unappealing work environment can be a big turn-off. With simple adjustments, we can greatly improve the appeal of your space.
  7. Working on your next big thing? There will be implications for your workflow and the work environment. Our design-oriented analysis helps you plan more strategically and improves the accuracy of your cost/benefit projections.

Creatively Commercial

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