Design for Aging in Place

Modifying your home for safety and comfort


A comfortable, enjoyable home plays a central role in our well-being, sustaining and restoring us between engagements with the outside world. As we age, safety, ease of access and mobility in our homes become increasingly important to our well-being. Maximizing a person’s autonomy in his or her own home improves quality of life and reduces isolation. We design for aging in place to plan for beauty and functionality, today and tomorrow.

Home Evaluation Services

Most of us would prefer to stay in our own homes as long as possible.  We work with you and your family to realistically address design issues affecting both safety and comfort. In our home evaluations we

  • Analyze traffic patterns and circulation for safety and ease
  • Evaluate potential hazards in furnishings and their placement
  • Evaluate flooring surfaces for slip resistance and tripping hazards
  • Assess entries and interior traffic flow for wheelchair and walker access
  • Recommend lighting and color improvements to address changes in the aging eye
  • Identify potential issues that would arise if your mobility were diminished
  • Identify locations for grab bars and hand holds

Home Modification Services

Minor adjustments in a home can have a huge impact, from illuminated light switches to lever handles in place of knobs.  In some cases more substantive changes, such as ramps or accessible bathing facilities, may be recommended. We work with our clients across this full range to

  • Identify simple changes that increase ease and safety
  • Design solutions for accessible bathrooms, kitchens, entryways and other problem areas
  • Identify or create space for an in-home caregiver
  • Provide project pricing and assist in cost-benefit analysis
  • Retain and oversee trusted tradespeople to make the recommended modifications

You may engage us for any or all of these services, as needed. An estimate of charges will be provided to you following a meeting to review your needs. Please call 484.383.4864 to arrange for a consultation.

Design for Aging in Place

Let us show you how to make your home fit your needs at any age with style and beauty. Contact us now to arrange a consultation.