Hit “Re-fresh”

Creating wonderfully new spaces with what you have


One of the great challenges of interior design is keeping a space fresh and appealing. A full-scale re-do every other year would be a stress on the budget, the environment and the psyche. But a space that is frozen in time has no life. Interiors need attentive care to remain aesthetically and functionally pleasing.

5 ways we can give your existing interior new life:

  1. Lighting re-design: Nothing does as much to improve an existing interior as good lighting. New technologies offer improved energy efficiency, lower costs and delightful enhancements for even the most traditional of spaces. We guarantee that a lighting makeover will make you see your interior in a whole new way.
  2. Mixing it up:  “Because we’ve always done it that way” is a barrier to growth in many areas of life, including the space you live in. Shifting a furniture arrangement, bringing in new pieces from another room or editing a space to remove excess are among many ways to create a new look. A re-fresh does not have to mean massive new purchases; it may just mean getting some help to get un-stuck.
  3. Strategic planning: If you really want to renovate, but your budget says no, we can help you plan a renovation in phases. We begin with the end in mind, so that a major purchase this year does not have to be jettisoned two years down the road. Enjoy the process — adapt your interior incrementally and happily anticipate what’s ahead.
  4. Color (un) blocking: Trends in interiors often follow fashion design in surprising ways, from colors to graphics and pattern. In our digital world we are saturated in this imagery, often unawares. Our expertise in color can help you inject current tonalities and new combinations into your existing scheme, giving you a quick, sophisticated update.
  5. A room for all seasons: Holiday decorating gives your home a special personality for one short season. We can help you develop an archive of seasonally adjustable accents and substitutions that allow one room to take on a succession of personalities throughout the year.

Hit Re-fresh

Adjusting your interiors to reflect the needs over time is a specialty. Let us give you the interior that fits your current needs and can adapt to new ones. Contact us now to arrange a consultation.