A New Home

Designing for the new dimensions in your life


As you move into a new home, we are ready to help you with a range of services to make this exciting time also easy, fun and stress-free. In addition to our complete interior design services, we can:

  • Inventory your furnishings and artwork, including measurements and photographs, and compile these in a book for your reference
  • Prepare alternate floor plans showing how your furnishings can be arranged in your new home
    • If you are moving into a larger space, we can recommend sizes and proportions for new items needed, assuring everything will fit
    • If you are downsizing, we can help you find creative ways to re-combine what you already have for the most pleasing results
  • Help you make both aesthetic and functional decisions about things you own that are important to keep, things that can be refurbished and things that can be sold or donated
  • Help you complete the furnishing of your new home with items you don’t have now – everything from rugs of the right size to a new table or chairs
  • Arrange for refinishing or re-upholstery of furniture and help you select fabrics
  • Get needed items custom made or re-made to fit, including window treatments and built-in storage and shelving
  • Select paint colors and other finishes
  • Schedule, coordinate and supervise workers you have selected or craftspeople we trust, including painters, electricians, carpenters, cabinetmakers and audio-visual specialists

A New Home

Let us help create a beautiful, functional and comfortable new home that delights and nurtures your spirit. Contact us now to arrange a consultation.