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We are there for every step of the design project, from initial drawings through installation.



Whether you’re looking to “hit-refresh” on some of your decor or aiming to take on a more complex construction project, Ginger Woods Design has the resources to make the process go smoothly.

One of the great challenges of interior design is keeping a space fresh and appealing. A full-scale re-do every other year would be a stress on the budget, the environment and the psyche.

We have the aesthetic expertise to help you make crucial decisions and create your perfect space. You can find out more about how we can specifically help you bring your vision to life below, or by visiting our portfolio for inspiration.

Interior Design
You don’t need a full scale renovation to breath new life into your home. Here are some ways we can update your existing spaces:

Never underestimate the impact that good lighting can have. We guarantee that a lighting makeover will make you see your interior in a whole new way.

Ginger Woods Floorplan

Trends in interiors follow fashion design in surprising ways, from palette to graphics and pattern. Keep things current by finding inventive combinations into your existing spaces for a quick, sophisticated update.

Holiday decorating gives your home a special personality for one short season. We can help you develop an archive of seasonally adjustable accents and substitutions that allow one room to continually transform throughout the year.

Routine updates to paint and carpet are a perfect way to add value to your space.

Space Planning

Larger projects require comprehensive project management as well as a trained eye for detail. We are ready to help you with a range of services to make this exciting time also easy, fun and stress-free.

As you move into a new home, we are ready to help you with a range of services to make this exciting time also easy, fun and stress-free. In addition to our complete interior design services, we help you to:

Take stock of your existing furnishings, artwork, and valuables through carefully organised measurements and photographs. We can further coordinate donation, sale or storage for any pieces that don’t fit in your new home.

We will draft different arrangements of your furnishings and fixtures, making recommendations and multiple re-combinations as needed.

Get needed custom made items or built-in treatments, including furniture, fabrics and upholstery, and finishes.

We keep your project on track through meticulous coordination with workers you have selected or craftspeople we trust.

A smaller place does not always mean a smaller project, but we work with you to simplify your transition and help you enjoy the gifts that a new chapter in your life can offer.

Our project management experience provides you peace of mind and a single “go-to” person to call. Our design expertise ensures that your new home is beautiful, comfortable and customized to your unique needs.

As we age, safety, ease of access and mobility in our homes become increasingly important. Maximising a person’s autonomy in his or her own home improves quality of life and reduces isolation. We design for aging in place to plan for beauty and functionality that lasts.

We evaluate and modify your home with the following considerations:


– Analyzing traffic patterns and circulation for safety and ease
– Identifying potential hazards in furnishings, surfaces, and fixtures for improvement
– Increasing accessibility for wheelchair and walker access
– Implementing lighting and color improvements to address changes in vision

You take pride in your work and deserve a professional space to match.

Like a successful entrepreneur, an interior designer is problem-solver. Leveraging technology, materials, lighting and innovative space planning, the designer can create a workplace that supports the work you do and the people who do it, while respecting the bottom line.


Concerned about costs? Even for small-medium sized businesses, professional interior services are a valuable business investment that is likely well within your reach.